2018 Feb 19 - Honduran Awareness Tour - Los Angeles
Join Alianza Americas and Honduran journalists and human right activists in a three-city tour to shed light on what is happening post-election in Honduras, including allegations of fraud, a muzzling of media in the country, and state-backed violence against protestors that has left more than 30 people dead. We will also discuss how the unraveling of democracy in Honduras affects Hondurans living in the US, particularly the 57,000 Honduran TPS holders who may lose their status this spring.
Learn how you can support the defenders of democracy in Honduras and immigrant communities in the US.
Speakers include:
  • Joaquin Mejía is lawyer and human rights advocate with the Center for Analysis, Research and Communication (ERIC) and a commentator on Radio Progreso, a Jesuit radio station that has been attacked in the aftermath of the elections.
  • Claudia Mendoza is a highly regarded freelance journalist and documentary producer with 20 years of experience, serving as correspondent for news networks such as Univision.
Independent journalism is essential to democracy in Honduras. All proceeds from this tour will support Radio Progreso in raising the $25,000 necessary to repair a key transmitter that was sabotaged in the days after the election.
Romero Hall
EVENT TIME: 12 noon - 2pm PST
Event has ended.
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